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Bayern wrap up fourth straight Bundesliga title

Josep Guardiola said "great compliments to all my staff, to all the fans and to my outstanding players" after Bayern München secured the Bundesliga title in his penultimate game in charge.

Bayern celebrate after the final whistle
Bayern celebrate after the final whistle ©Getty Images

Following countless smaller records in recent years, Bayern München have now accomplished something truly special to the club – salutes their record fourth successive Bundesliga title.

Bayern's 2-1 victory against Ingolstadt means they have wrapped up the title with one game to spare. The Bayern museum will now have to make room for a 26th top-flight trophy after Josep Guardiola's side put an emphatic tick next to their main objective of the campaign. This is something unprecedented, something even a club as decorated as Bayern were desperate to achieve. This has been the biggest priority all season.

Regardless of yet another UEFA Champions League semi-final defeat, Guardiola's era should first and foremost be defined by his team's dominance and tactical evolution in the Bundesliga.

Robert Lewandowski scored twice against Ingolstadt
Robert Lewandowski scored twice against Ingolstadt©Getty Images

The Spanish coach has not only made Bayern stronger and more flexible, he has also forced opponents into exploring alternative strategies. German football should reap the benefits of that for years to come.

"Great compliments to my staff, to all the fans and to my outstanding players," said Guardiola. "Every single one helped us to win this title. Also a big compliment to Borussia Dortmund, who had a fantastic season. They were a real challenger to us. I would like to share this title with Jupp Heynckes. We achieved something special – four Bundesliga titles in a row! Thanks for everything, to all the people in Germany. I am very happy about all the experiences I have had here."

Thomas Tuchel's Dortmund challenged Bayern this term
Thomas Tuchel's Dortmund challenged Bayern this term©Getty Images

This could be the most impressive of Bayern's four on the trot, for their perseverance and ambition have not been tested for some time. Kudos to Borussia Dortmund, then, the best second-placed team in Bundesliga history, for pushing Bayern to new heights.

Indeed if Thomas Tuchel's side make another step forward in their development over the summer, making it five successive titles will be no walk in the park for Bayern.

"Four championships in a row is something no club has ever achieved in the Bundesliga and there have been outstanding teams like Bayern in the 70s or Gladbach," said Thomas Müller. "Hamburg and Dortmund also had some great years. What we've achieved is truly outstanding. When you are champions, everyone thinks it must have been easy – but there is big pressure on us. You shouldn't forget that Dortmund are the best [team to finish second] in Bundesliga history."