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UEFA EURO 2024 supports fair supply chains

UEFA EURO 2024 is fully behind corporate responsibility in supply chains.

UEFA EURO 2024 tournament director Philipp Lahm,  Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil, DFB vice-president Celia Šašić and DFB president Bernd Neuendorf at the launch event
UEFA EURO 2024 tournament director Philipp Lahm, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil, DFB vice-president Celia Šašić and DFB president Bernd Neuendorf at the launch event Lara Suffel/DFB

UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in June next year in Germany. The hosts are preparing a huge celebration of football that will set new standards for the social, environmental and economic sustainability of major sports events. The government’s motto is 'Heimspiel für Europa' (‘Home match for Europe’) and the tournament slogan is 'United by football. Vereint im Herzen Europas.’

Corporate responsibility in supply chains plays an important role in the UEFA EURO 2024 sustainability concept. At the UEFA Respect Forum hosted by the German Football Association (DFB) in Frankfurt, the tournament director and captain of the 2014 world champions, Philipp Lahm, explained how this ambition is being put into practice.

EURO 2024: One year to go

'A positive turning point for international sports tournaments'

"UEFA EURO 2024 will mark a positive turning point for international sports tournaments, focusing on solidarity and responsible, socially and environmentally sustainable activities," said Lahm. "Fair play must also apply to human rights and the environment if our planet is to have a future. We are therefore voluntarily applying the principles of the German supply chain act and playing our part by implementing the core elements of its due diligence obligations.

"We are also delighted to announce, together with the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, that we are now taking applications for around 500 on-site positions in the EURO stadiums. UEFA EURO 2024 is creating highly attractive jobs that are of great added value to Germany as hosts."

Philipp Lahm has spoken about sustainability
Philipp Lahm has spoken about sustainabilityUEFA via Getty Images

'Fair football is the most fun'

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), which promotes fair supply chains worldwide, is actively supporting the tournament hosts. A joint workshop was organised last autumn to establish a sustainable supply chains roadmap for the tournament, and since then, the ministry has been helping the tournament organisers to put it into practice.

"Fair play and respect are fundamental values of football," said Hubertus Heil, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. "They apply to the 22 players on the pitch, but they also apply beyond the touchlines and goal lines, to all the people around the world working to make this tournament a success. Fair supply chains are a key part of a sustainable European championship. The commitment shown by the hosts is an important signal from Germany to Europe and the rest of the world. We are also working on an effective supply chain law at EU level. The bottom line: fair football is the most fun!"

EURO 2024 GmbH has already started a human rights risk analysis of UEFA EURO 2024 in cooperation with the host cities and the German government as a step towards implementing practical supply chain management. This analysis should form the basis of a policy statement on the application of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and help to develop preventive measures.

EURO 2024 grievance mechanism

As part of the UEFA EURO 2024 human rights strategy, an independent, accessible, free, non-discriminatory and confidential grievance mechanism has been developed with reference to international human rights standards by a reputable law firm. The grievance mechanism will be available to players, workers, volunteers, spectators, journalists and everyone else connected to the event.

We will take all possible steps to ensure data protection and security, also in terms of data collection, storage and sharing, especially for children, people reporting physical or sexual abuse, LGBTI people, and other affected groups. This will enable all fans, visitors, players and everybody else to bring forward a complaint in case the staging of UEFA EURO 2024 affects them negatively in their rights.

While this comprehensive grievance mechanism will go online shortly before the tournament, a mechanism has already been set up to enable complaints which derive from the supply chains for UEFA EURO 2024. This means that everybody who experienced or observed a human rights violation in the supply chain for UEFA EURO 2024 can file a complaint.

In the event that, through our business activities, we contribute or are directly linked to, any adverse impact on human rights, we will strive to contribute to appropriate remediation and timely redress by the parties responsible. If we have a reasonable suspicion or concrete indication of any potential adverse effects on human rights in our organisation or anywhere on our upstream or downstream value chain, we will follow up carefully and consistently with appropriate action to mitigate or stop the adverse effect.